Dayparting playlist with multiple slides


I’m having trouble configuring dayparting for a playlist. Since we recently moved to XIBO from other digital signage providers, we’re still configuring our playlists.

This is my problem:
I have a playlist that consists of 24 slides, each 10 seconds (house sales, so 24 different houses).

With our last signage provider, we could specify daypart for each widget and it was configured like this.

From 7 am to 9 am:
Slide1, Slide2, Slide3

From 9 am to 11 am:
Slide4, Slide5, Slide6

From 11 am to 1 pm:
Slide7, Slide8, Slide9

And so on until all 24 slides are configured. This needs to play every day, just depending on what time of the day it is.

How do I go about configuring this? I’ve tried using expiry dates, scheduled events, dayparting but it looks like I’m doing something wrong.

Any help is very appreciated!!

Hello and welcome to the Xibo Community!

So you could create 8 Layouts and add the three image slides you wish to use, each with a 10 second duration, then schedule each Layout for the appropriate time slot (so you have 8 scheduled events). Use the Repeats tab, for each event and set the Repeat to Daily and Repeat every to 1 (every day). You can leave ‘Until’ blank so it will repeat indefinitely or you can provide a date and time to end this particular Repeating Schedule

We have an online Training School which has a course on Scheduling that you may find helpful as well as some other courses that you may find useful whilst you explore the system :slight_smile:

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