Day Parting Issues


I have created 2 day part named as “Morning” and “Test DayPart (8:00 -10:00)”. When i use “Test DayPart (8:00 -10:00)” day part in the schedule, Start Time text box not visible to me. However it is visible for “Morning” day part. Below are the screenshot of the schedule event screen.

I’ve confirmed this issue on 1.8.5 CMS, basically the first daypart you create will get incorrect daypartId, every daypart created after that will be fine - as a work around I’d suggest removing the first daypart you created and re-create it, it will then get a new daypartId that should not interfere anymore.

The GitHub issue about it, is here -

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks Peter for your quick response.

Kindly confirm if there are any known issues with dayparting functionality on xibo 1.8.2 version as we are not able to implement it. Every time we implement it, it does not work.


We have created below scenario to test daypart feature on 1.8.2 version. Test Fail as the layout not played on display device.

  1. Create Day Part “Evening” with stat time: 10:15 & End Time: 11:30
  2. Created a schedule event for a display using above day part with today’s date set in start time field.
  3. Both CMS & Display device are set on same time zone.

Kindly suggest if we are missing anything here as same layout got played on time when we used custom option while creating event.

There were other issues with dayparts in earlier 1.8 releases, it would be good to confirm that your issue persists on 1.8.5 version please.

As far as I know the only current issue related to dayparts is the one you mentioned in your first post in this topic.