Dates are in chinese

Hi Everyone,

I am having a problem with my client. I am working on a layout and have a region with clock function that has the date fully spelled out i.e. July 11, 2018 3:03 pm. When I preview the layout it is written correctly. But when I push it to my Windows client the Month and am/pm is in chinese. I have checked to make sure all of my region settings are correct and set to US English but it remains in Chinese just on the client. Any ideas as to what is wrong. I am using 1.7.9 cms and client.

Thank you for the enquiry. if you could post a screenshot of your CMS region settings that would help to locate the issue. Whilst I’m sure you already know, this would be in the Settings tab in your CMS, followed by the Regional.

Can you also confirm:

Was this layout working correctly previously?
Have you set/changed the region settings to Chinese for any other layout?

Just one further note on this issue. You mentioned in the original post that you have set it to US English. The Default language setting in the Regional settings, that I referenced in my previous reply, should be set to en_GB. If you could confirm whether this is how it is currently set, I would appreciate it.

Here is a screenshot of my region settings, I also included a screenshot of the layout preview and a vnc screenshot of the client running.

I am going to try and switch region to en_GB and see if that works. I set it to en_US because we are in Louisiana but I will reply after I try that.

Also all of my other layout have just been jpegs that were shown right behind each other. I am changing how our signage looks by adding more regions. Instead of 1 region showing static pictures and movies. I want to add a region for temperature time and date constant ticker to show events. So the others worked because no language needed to be pulled from the system. So I truly can’t tell you if it was working before or not.

Changing the region to en_GB worked. Thanks for your help!!

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Glad to hear it is resolved.