Date on the player

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I can’t see why the date won’t show in french on the player part ?

Can someone help to clear this issue please

I was able to Display a Layout containing a Clock in French by setting my CMS language to French, then creating the Layout.

Select the Settings option in your CMS, click on the Regional tab and set the language to the below settings:

Make sure that Detect Language is not ticked, Save to confirm and refresh the page. Your CMS should now be in French. Next create the Layout that contains a Clock and set the format you would like. As an example, I created a simple clock, in Digital format:

The Layout then Displays the Date in French:

Can you confirm if this resolves your issue?

Many Thanks.

i did exactly what you said , i can see the date in french on the CMS but not on the player

i did exactly what you said , i can see the date in french on the CMS but not on the player

I have tested this on both my Windows (1.8 R132) and Android (1.8 R108) Displays and have had no issue displaying the Clock in French.

Can you confirm what version of the CMS and the Players you are using, as well as whether it is a Custom or Docker installation?

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I’m using the last updated of the cms and windows player on a custom installation (no docker)

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Thank you for clarifying. Can you confirm that the Layout was not already scheduled to the Display when you changed the Language to French?

As a test, can you once again set the Language for the CMS to French as I have mentioned before and create a new Layout after the Language has changed. Schedule this new Layout to see if this instead correctly shows the Clock in French.

Many Thanks.

Many thanks , the issue was solved

That’s brilliant news, glad the issue is resolved.

Many Thanks.