Date formatting and localization issues

Good day everyone,

I’ll try to explain my issue clearly. I am running the Xibo Client for Windows 1.7.5 on an Intel ComputeStick running Windows 8.1 with Bing. So far so good in terms of performance, other than some blinking.

My issue on this display, and others, is the date formatting. I am extracting the day (ie. Fri.), the day of month, and AM/PM. The day of month extracts fine, however the day (i.e. Fri.) and the AM/PM portion when extracted show up as some kind of unicode characters (excuse me for sounding uneducated, but “chinese characters”.

I have tried adjusted the localization settings within the Xibo config, experimented with different regional settings on the client (i.e. English Canadian, English US, etc), to no avail. I should add extracting the hour or minute from the time media item works correctly and as expected. I have also tried other fonts in the off chance that it was a font issue. I have also removed all formatting other than the code to display the portion of the date/time in question.

For date/time translations, I’m using the following strings using the Clock media item (I have stripped the HTML formatting)

  • AM/PM portion (as par documentation) : [A]
  • day of week portion (as par documentation) : [MMM]

If I can provide any more information please let me know - not sure where to start here.

Once again, thank you for producing such a great product!


Shouldn’t it be [ddd] ?
[MMM] will return Jan, Feb etc. ie months

That should be correct [A] for AM/PM [a] for am/pm

Your CMS is also in 1.7.5 as the client, correct?
What do you have in CMS regional setting?
Could we perhaps see whole code that you are using?

Once again, very impressed at the quality of service here.

Sorry, my mistake. It is the month we need returned (Jan.). I have verified our CMS is running 1.7.5.

Here is the code to return “JAN.”

<div style="height: 90px; text-align: center; font-family: arial; font-size:40px; color: white;">[MMM]</div>

For regional settings in CMS I have:

Default Language: en_us
Timezone: Toronto
Date Format: Y-m-d H:i
Detect Language [checked]
Calendar Type: Gregorian
Show international dates [checked]

I have tried various combinations of en_us, en_ca, detect language checked/not checked and show international dates checked/not checked.

I should add on the CMS layout editor the “JAN” and AM/PM show correctly, however on our displays they do not.

I see, thank you :smile:
So it should work, it does work on our test Windows client.

You will want to uncheck the ‘Show international dates’ that’s for sure.

Other than that, you could try ‘verify all’ from modules page in CMS (and give player a moment to download it)

You could also try to install IE11 and make a change in register regarding browser emulation, as described here Enabling HTML5 in the Windows .net Player

Please try that and let us know if it’s any better.

Well it seemed to have fixed my issue! Thank you very much for your help!

Very impressed with your level of support.

Great, I am pleased to hear that,

and thank you, we do our best :smile: