Date format in ticker from dataset

I did a lot of research but couldn’t find the solution, or maybe I didn’t understand it right.

My regional settings are en_GB, because then the use of the search function here is easier.

I set the Date Format to “d.m.Y H:i”

I use a dataSet, it shows the right format. But if I use the date in my layout, I get the format in a different way.

How can I solve this?


If you have that as a String then I’d expect player to show it the same as it is in the layout designer.

That being said, since you will perhaps want to use some filters etc, it would be best to have a column with Date type in proper mysql format.
Then have another column, formula type that will change the date format as you want it - on a layout you will want to show that column.

So the formula would be something like this:
DATE_FORMAT(fmDate, '%d.%m.%Y %H:%i')

Where fmDate is the name of the column with Date.

Could you also mention which player and CMS versions are you using please?

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Thank you. I will ask one of our developers for help.

I use a Minix 68i and Minix 88i and also the preview in the browser.
I did the update of Android to the latest .105 today, CMS is the 1.8.7. until my team will use the docker updater.