Dataset View css not working in 1.7.6

When I enter in the example css code from the Manuel. I just get a black screen on the client and no preview on the cms. It worked in 1.7.4 but it wont work in 1.7.6

Could you please tell me what css did you copy? With datasets module the actual data that is displayed is in black font, the default background is also black. So you’d need to either change the background or font colour of the returned data.

Easiest way to change it would be to add something like this to the css:

body {
    color: white;

I used the Example Style Sheet in the xibo Documentation.
I tried adding the css code for white ,But the screen will flash white for about 1 second then go black again and I have no text and then goes back to black screen.

I got it working, I think I had a permission set wrong. I added the view for everyone and clicked on Update these permissions on all layouts, regions and media and it started working correctly.

I do wish there was an easier way to change color,fonts and backgrounds without css.

Thanks for your help