Dataset SQL filter format in v4 for meeting room schedule

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Hi, I’m looking for guidance on how to setup a dataset meeting room schedule in v4.
The example for v3 doesn’t seem to be compatible with v4.

When adding the advanced filter

NOW() > dtMeetingStart AND NOW() < dtMeetingFinish

I get the “Dataset element Has empty data” notification shown in the String Element.

How should this filter be structured to work in v4?

Could you please take a screenshot

  • DataSet columns
  • DataSet Row
  • Layout with DataSet settings and filters

Thank you for your reply. Since I’m using a version 3 example and trying to make it work in version 4, I’m guessing I’m probably missing something.

So this what it looks like without the filter.

This is what it looks like when I add the filter.

This my configuration.

This is the dataset

The date format between dtMeetingStart/dtMettingFinish and NOW() SQL function il not the same format.

In dtMeetingStart/dtMettingFinish columns you have “May-22-24 10:00 AM” = M-d-y h:i A
NOW() SQL function return 2024-05-22 10:00:00 = Y-m-d H:i:s

So you must format your columns in the NOW() SQL function format, or create a formula column and use this one to filters.

You can use this topic for an exemple:

And use PHP date/time format documentation: