Dataset RSS internal server error and Fetch task

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CMS Version

3.3.8 and 4.0.3 with docker

Player Type


Player Version

R305 and R401


I have some further issues with remote datasets:

  • When I activate the “Fetch remote dataset” task, first of all the time set in the cron field shows me a time of 2 hours later on the task list - but that could be because we are at GMT+2 timezone?
    The main problem is, that it shows that the task was running, but it did not add a data line to the dataset.
    When starting this task manually I get the new line after a few minutes.
  • After creating the RSS link and click on it I get an unexpected error (…please contact support). The only thing I can find in the log (both servers) is:
  • In future I need to have different fetch intervalls for different remote datasets. One should happen once a day at around 07:15AM and the other one every 30 minutes. Is that possible? And if, how?

I am testing on two different servers and different CMS versions.

Kind regards.

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