Dataset Random Text


I am using a dataset to display text - but need the ‘order’ random. Display all the content within the dataset 1 ( one ) row at a time for about 10-15 seconds then the next ‘row’.

I tried using the link within

Could not get it to work properly …

Thanks in advance !

What do you have so far?

i have the dataset setup.

put " Col1 = FLOOR(1 + RAND() * 9) " in the “Order” … on a “dataset” layout.

i have 2 columns, first column just numbers ( 1,2,3,etc … )
2nd column, actual text that want displayed.

the order should be a comma separated list of column names, rather than a function. In the linked post the OP was using that statement in the filter clause.

I think you want to create a formula column like this:

And then order it like this:

Thank you Random column just numbers 1,2,3 etc… Then text in second column
… Or just one column ?
Thanks !!

Two columns - col1 = the text you want to randomise, col2 = the formula column as shown in the screenshot

Got it to work with what you posted above Dan. Only issue I am running into now is that on " dataset " it displays all items randomly during the time, not one item for the specified time.

on " ticket " can get it to display correctly - but shows all content not just 1 row.

Thanks so much !

made a “ticker” and put alot of empty lines after the text to space the ‘next’ text off the screen … working so far

You could set the upper and lower row limits to 1 and 1 so that only 1 item is shown

Got it to display 1 item per page. Set time to 1 minute, so updates very frequently. Works great.

the “Random” part sorta works - it plays the same thing quite a few times. Have over 500+ items that it could ‘choose’ from.

using equation that you specified Dan " ( FLOOR(1 + RAND() * 9)"

changed the 9 to a 4, to see if it helps. Anything else can do to make it totally random and choose a different one (not previously choosen for a while ) every time ?

thanks for the help !

RAND returns a decimal number between 0 and 1… so to get a random number in a range i to j use:

FLOOR(i + RAND() * (j − i))

The more records you have the larger you want to make you range - i.e. FLOOR(1 + RAND() * 1000)

In actual fact, it might be better to have your formula simply as RAND() as you are only using it for ordering

Ok will give it a try.
have about 600 records in the dataset right now that just want it to pull completely random from.


I’d go with that approach then