Dataset DateTime - can i show only time/date


i play around with Datasets and need a bit help.

i have a meetingroom with a shedule and i would like to display the next meetings for the current day.
basically this works as expected but it shows me always the complete DateTime.
can i just show the time from the DateTime value? and how?



You could create a formula column and set the formula to $dateFormat(colWithDateIn,d-m-Y) where the colWithDateIn is the name of the column that contains the full date.

d-m-Y can be any PHP date format (

I hope that helps :slight_smile:


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Hi Iā€™m using latest Xibo docker version
and my regional date is Jalali in administration settings
i setup a dataset in dataset menu, with three column included start and stop (date type) and content text.
in layouts menu after i added dataset ticker widget , inside filter tab i want to use query , but the problem is the now() query conflict with my default calendar type setting because start and stop date doesnt effect on my dataset and it show continuously

so how can i write query with my jalali calendar ?

Hi Dan,

this is exactly what i was looking for. Thanky you.
for Time seperation i used $dateFormat(colWithDateIn,H:i)


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