Dataset data doesn't persist

I’m having a problem with adding a new row to a dataset in the CMS. If I add a new row of data and close out the view data page. It will update the players but no longer shows up in the view data page.
I’m working with CMS and Client version 1.7.6

That seems odd, dataset saves each time you change the cell (tab to another cell / click another cell) and obviously should stay saved.

Did you have a look in logs for anything that could explain this behaviour? (assuming that debugging is on)

Did you try it with different browser (or clear the browser cache)?

Hi Peter

I sure did, I tried using Chrome, Firefox, cleared the browser cache and tried using the browser on the server running the CMS. But the new data wouldn’t show. It seems like it’s staying saved because it does show up on the players but it won’t show the data in the CMS.

It might be unrelated but I found this problem trying to fix another problem. This dataset is setup to show employees who have birthdays this week. Well we don’t have any employees with birthdays this week but the players didn’t update. I thought I’d try making something up to see if they would update if the data changed and then noticed I couldn’t remove the fake person I just created.

I was under the impression that if you’re using a SQL filter and nothing matches the results the player shouldn’t show anything and just skip passed the timeline item. Is that correct?

I’ve now followed the directions to download a troubleshoot.txt but I’m not clear on what I should be looking for in it.
Here is a screen shot of the Client Information after adding a fake birthday. I’ve noticed the last resource showing in the required files starting 5b468565 is the dataset results for the fake name. The only way I can find to remove the fake name is to rename that resource on the player. Because even importing and overwriting all the data in the dataset doesn’t make the player update and remove the fake name.

I see, are you using ticker or dataset view to show your dataset?

“The unable to get media resource…” - are probably there because of the empty record

It would be good to have some message that will always show even when there is no birthday that day.
It’s not as easy as it may seem - I know - Dataset Birthday

In 1.7.7 it should be a lot easier and definitely more user friendly with this:

Hi Peter

I’m using a ticker for the dataset view, mainly because it seem much easier to create the design I was going for.
As seen below I wanted the text results to show over top of an image but also wanted it to look like it was actually part of the image. Do you think I would be better off using a data set item to show the results? I did add No Birthdays this week as mentioned. So for now problem solved.

Dataset view should handle the ‘no records returned’ rows better than ticker, but if you added this message to appear when there is no birthdays then it will be fine with ticker.
Tikcers are easier to design for sure, in dataset view you need to use css to style them.

Also in 1.7.7 it will be much better with just a field for ‘no data message’.