Custom UI for layout/display management

Does anybody have some sample code that shows how to create a custom UI to the Display/Layout management?
We’d like to create a VERY simple page that would show in a very user friendly way just a few layouts and some screens that are assigned to that user.
The user would select the layout of interest, assign to the display(s) and hit commit. Some code in the background would submit that to the CMS and “make it happen”.
Did anybody ever do anything similar or knows how to do it?

You’ll be able to do that easily with the 1.8 API when it is released. We hope to release a preview in the next few weeks (watch out for 1.8.0-alpha).

This is fantastic news. The more I learn about Xibo and it’s community, the more confident I am about the choice I made to select Xibo as the platform for our future developments.

Do you guys happen to have any sneak-peak that you can share on this topic? :wink:
I’m looking for an idea on what to expect.

That is nice to know! :smile:

The new development branch lives here for the moment. We are getting ready to merge it into develop once we are happy with it.

It is essentially done, but we need to write API docs and Unit Tests for all routes.

The API will be documented in this: if you wanted to do a little research. The swagger.json document is only in my fork at the moment and is very sparse :wink:

It will be added to rapidly over the remainder of this week - provided things go to plan :laughing:

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And off we go programming! Thank you! :grinning:

A little less rapidly than hoped, but it is being added to.

I’ve got the responses working must better now (non-enveloped) so that they are easier to consume. There is a new swagger.json file to take a look at when you want.

Dear Dan,
We decided to go ahead and implement our product using your platform. For
that, however, we will need your services to do some Xibo customization.
What are the typical costs involved in such customization projects? Let’s
say this job would take 3 to 5 days of work.
Also, do you guys have any suggestion for the smallest hardware platform
Xibo could run if we are only playing videos and texts with less than VGA

That is fantastic news - at this stage I would recommend dropping us a note at where we can continue looking at your requirements in more detail.

Do you have a new link and info on your API development?
We already started our development and would like to start studying your

The latest development code is available on Github, here. And the swagger file will help with understanding how to talk to the API.

Or did I miss what you are wanting?

The various API’s are explained here: - we could probably do with a little more fluff around the swagger.json explanation, but if you visit the links provided you should be able to get it operational.

As Mr. Sheilon have mentioned previously, we are a company located in Brazil who are developing an APP that could use an API with XIBO…
So, we wait for a new link and info on your API development… Mr. Sheilon told us that you have not it ready now. Hope you have it working soon.

please always send a copy of all answers to me and to Mr. Bruno, who is in charge of APP development.

Thank you,

Erlon Guzella
autoCLAVE Ind. Ltda. - Brazil
+55 47 9139 3026

Do you have a new link and info on your API development?
We already started our development and would like to start studying your interface.