Custom Installation on Win10 with Xampp in German



i have a little trouble the past days to install Xibo 1.8.9 as an custom installation without Docker.

Most manuals and How-to’s are in english, so i write one in german…

I hope it helps the german users here…

Sunny Greetings Torsten

Installation von Xibo 1.2.pdf (610.1 KB)

Update 1.1 Installation ZMQ successfull.
Update 1.2 Upgrade to 1.8.10



i update my how-to about the XMR-Configuration.

Installation von Xibo 1.3.pdf (629.6 KB)

Update 1.3 How configure the XMR

Problems with XAMPP & ZeroMQ


i update my how-to about the Maintenance Scripts

Installation von Xibo 1.4.pdf (686.4 KB)

Update 1.4 How configure the Maintenance Scripts