Custom fonts not supported with player

Hi. I uploaded new font for displaying digital clock. It seems ok in editor but the player dont support that font and display the clock with default font. And also, I used html table to display data with different cell background color format for alternate rows. Everything is fine in editor but player doesn’t support cell formatting. please tell me what should i do.

Could you please confirm what CMS and player versions are you using please?

I am currently using xibo cms version 1.8.11 and player version 1.8.10. Thank you for your response.

It’s possible that the font is not working correctly on Windows then.

We do have an issue open regarding the standard fonts shipped with CMS that also may not work correctly on Windows - ), it’s possible that Microsoft changed something in the way Windows installs and accepts custom fonts.

Regarding html table and colours, are you using dataSet view, Ticker widgets to work with dataSets or just embedded html widget?
I’d be happy to look at your layout on windows player, if you could export it and send it over to me via private message.

@Peter – Is there an update available as to when this issue will be evaluated for a solution? I have found that the weather icons font is also not working at the moment. Thanks!