Custom fonts in 1.7.9 not displaying properly on windows client


I’ve been following the directions I’ve found for adding custom fonts (Upload, then Edit and Save, then hard reload page)

I see the custom font in the Fonts list in ckeditor, the preview work, but it doesn’t display correctly in xibo windows player.

i tried clearing browser cache, restarting server and client, replaced the line 44 of xibo\theme\default\libraries\ckeditor\config.js but still not displaying properly on windows client
photo is attached on how it is viewed from client and layout view


It may be that the font is not compatible with the Xibo for Windows Player. You are welcome to send me a download link in a private message and I can test it on my Displays for you.

Many Thanks.


thank you DANBW. what download link should i message to you? the font styles that i will use?


Yes please. If you can provide the font files on their own, that should be all I need.

Many Thanks.