"Currently Editing" text from Design view, it can't be translated

Xibo 1.8.9 / Hostgator VPS

i can’t find this text in the pot file, same issue with texts in layout list view, “advanced” tab, form “Show”, says All / Only used / Only Unused. Or there is a couple of forms with texts: “Yes” / “No”, I do not know where to translate these texts to spanish.

Thanks in advance.

Those strings do not appear to have proper trans fields in the twigs, I’ve corrected the ones you’ve mentioned (so then will be available for translation after we update the locale files in the next release).

I will also try to go over other similar instances, if you do notice something like that on other pages, please do let me know in this topic, I’d appreciate help with finding strings that are not present in the launchapad.

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