Current layout bug & campaign feature

I open displays list
And add “current layout” column - but it always empty.

Also, I want to show current campaign in this list. Is there a way to do it?

Thank you for your message. Can you confirm that you have ticked the Notify Current Layout option in the Display Profile you are using with the Displays?

You can do this by clicking the Display Settings option in your CMS, then the button at the end of the Profile you are using with your Displays, then click Edit. Next select the Advanced tab, tick the option and Save to confirm. Your Displays should then collect this change the next time they connect to your CMS on the Collect Interval.

Many Thanks.

  1. yes, it ticked to true

    but nothing shows:

  2. and what about showing current campaign in this list. I can’t find this option in display setings list

Thank you for your message and for confirming that the option is ticked in the Display Settings. Can you confirm the version of CMS you are using (looks like version 2.0 but not sure which revision)? please also let me know what version of the Xibo Player you are using too.

As a test, I have set this up my test 2.0.3 CMS for my Android (2-201) and Windows (200-200) Players and both are returning the Current layout information:

I can also locate the Notify Logs that are returning this information by Enabling Auditing for my Displays, waiting for them to connect to my CMS on the next Collect Interval then looking in the Logs section of CMS for the messages:

I would recommend doing the same to see if you can locate the NotifyStatus logs that should be carrying the Current Layout information. I would also recommend restarting the Players.

Regarding Current Campaign, this cannot be listed currently, only the Layout.

Many Thanks.

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