Currencies only displaying 5 items

I’ve added the Currencies widget and it seems to be working fine. However it wont show data for anything over 5 items. Does anyone know if there’s a limit to the amount of items that can be entered?



Please see the release notes for 1.8.9 -
It was working the same way before, but we’ve explained it in the current release, we also introduced widget cache on this widget, which should allow you to get more than 5 items back, although we do recommend 5 (especially if none of the results are cached yet), it is just the way Alpha Vantage works at the moment.

OK, I’ll do the upgrade and see how it goes. Thanks for the suggestion.

for the Stocks widget, do you know if there Is a full list of tags for the items that can be added to a template:

[LastTradePriceOnly] [CurrencyUpper] [CurrencyLower] etc…

You should be able to add the tags that you can see on the ‘Results’ tab (after you request a results, there are some custom tags that we use in the provided templates, you can see exactly what they do in GitHub.

Thanks, that’s very helpful…


FYI, after the update to 1.8.9, listing more than 5 currencies worked at first, however I have 7 listed and it’s back to only displaying data for 5 of them:


Due to the fact that widget cache was introduced to that widget in 1.8.9, it should be possible to get more than 5 items back (especially if those first 5 are already cached), but it really depends on the Alpha Vantage API rate limits - there isn’t an obvious answer what can we do to work around it as of yet.

Other than the widget cache and suggestion of using up to 5 items that we did in 1.8.9.

OK, If I need to I can duplicate the widget and add additional stocks.

The data doesn’t seem to be updating with the market… I see some threads where users are programming this with JSON… is that a more reliable / accurate method? Can I just put the JSON code into the widget or does it need to be a webpage widget?


Currencies should be updated fine I believe, as for JSON, I’d need to see it first, but at a guess it might be better to use the remote dataSets that will sync to the data from JSON. Example Data Set -> Remote data source

Then use ticker / dataSet view to show the data from dataSets on layouts.

This worked great!.. Are there more items like that I can use for stocks etc…?


We’re using a mix of Alpha Vantage and for stock/currencies modules.

We were using fixer but unfortunately, while they are adding some new quite interesting features it is no longer free (the free option isn’t suitable for us), that’s why we switched it with which works basically the same as the old fixer - more about the changes they made here -

Before that we were using yahoo exchange, but unfortunately that is not discontinued - hence why we had to look for alternatives.

It is certainly possible that there are data sources for stocks and/or currencies out there that could be suitable either as a data source in our modules or as a data source in remote dataSets that is something we’re investigating as well.

I tried updating the to but can’t get it to work now with the implementation of the API key


It is generally not a good idea to post your access keys publicly (even if that was the free key), I’ve edited your post to hide it.

The question really is, if that is a paid or free api key from them?

Because if it is free, then there are certain limitations there (and that’s main reason we dropped it, at least for now)

Minor limitations include our new 1000 requests/month limit and EUR being the only available base currency for customers using a free account.