cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem

I’m trying to update a DataSet from a remote CSV file, but Xibo refuses with the following error message.

Unable to get Data for Logistik Kennzahlen because cURL error 60: SSL certificate problem: unable to get local issuer certificate (see

Calling the API URL within a Webbrowser or via Postman works perfectly.
The URL is internal only but anyway secured with an official wildcard SSL certificate for that domain.

Within my docker-compose I got a certs mapped liked this.

    - "/my/mount/xibo/custom:/var/www/cms/custom:rw"
    - "/my/mount/xibo/backup:/var/www/backup:rw"
    - "/my/mount/xibo/theme:/var/www/cms/web/theme/custom:rw"
    - "/my/mount/xibo/library:/var/www/cms/library:rw"
    - "/my/mount/xibo/scripts:/var/www/cms/web/userscripts:rw"
    - "/my/mount/xibo/certs:/var/www/cms/ca-certs/.*pem:rw"
    - "/my/mount/xibo/certs:/var/www/cms/ca-certs/.*crt:rw"

The “certs” folder contains the “.crt” file with these permissions.

-rwx------ 1 www-data www-data 2174 Mai 17  2023 my.crt

Any hints on where I did go wrong or how to get this working?
Thanks in advance!

Damn… Just in case anyone stumbling accross this, I got this part wrong:


   - "/my/mount/xibo/certs:/var/www/cms/ca-certs:rw"

instead got it working right away after restarting the container.

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