CSV Import - DataSet - 1.8.2

Identify some enhancements to the DataSet in CMS 1.8.2, hopefully these contributions are valid.

1- The CSV import form is accepting multiple files.

2- The columns are already presented in order, if left blank the import is not performed and does not have to fill in the field.

2.1 In CMS 1.7.9 this information when not entered by the user, assumed by default the sequence identified in the CSV. We could either automatically populate for the user or follow the same working model of CMS 1.7.9 for the fields.

3 - When copying a dataset the columns are missing the formulas and types, all fields become as string.

1 - It should probably only allow one file upload, as that’s probably the most common use case, although there might be cases when it’s better to have an option to import multiple files - I don’t think it will overwrite the rows, just added rows from second file after the last one from first file.

2 - If, columns (in Xibo) were created to match columns in .csv, then yes I can see how pre-populating those fields would be handy, but if the order is not the same, then that would need adjustments in this form anyway.
If it worked like that in 1.7.9, then we certainly look into bringing this back.

I’ve logged an enhancement issue for dataset import, we will into this. (both reported cases)

3 - I can’t recreate that I’m afraid, data type (string, number, image) and column type (value, formula) seems to be correctly preserved in the dataSet copy.