CRM doesn't load in Xibo player

Hi everyone,

I’m pretty new to operations like this so please be patient.

I have gotten up to the point where Xibo is up and running on my VMware and I am looking for a nice way to show our resolved support cases per day to showcase this to my manager.

What’s the problem?
We use an internal CRM which I can normally reach by going to http://crm/CRM/ in any browser. But if I use that URL the webpage just doesn’t load in the Xibo player. It shows nothing but a white/gray screen. If I link directly to the “Dashboard” view it’s stuck loading forever and ever.

I have no idea on how I should be able to load the page. It might be a problem with the user but I have no idea on how to fix this. IE is autosigning in (On the server and client).

Please let me know what i’m doing wrong or if you want to see some screenshots.

I guess it will be an issue with user login credentials, the emulated IE11 that Xibo use, will not auto login to the CRM.

It’s always good idea.

It could be also good to open status window on the player (press ‘i’ on your keyboard to show it), perhaps there will be some errors. Although as I mentioned it’s mostly likely due to login credentials.

1.7 series supports only login credentials that can be passed in the URL, now the 1.8 version with saml integration, could possibly solve your problem.

Alternatively if it’s possible to publicly publish some dashboard from your CRM, then that should work in Xibo as well (as a webpage or in embedded html module).

Hi Peter!

Thank you for your quick reply!
I’ve managed to get it to work somehow and I don’t know what I did. (It’s now linked directly to a dashboard view).
The page loads slowly, but that can be due to the system running on VMware for now.

I’ve decided to not yet upgrade to 1.8 due do it being in beta stage and I need to present this.
Publicly publishing is not going to fly with this idea.

Again, thank you very much!