Create Xibo DataSets using xibo API Using PHP

Is it possible to create or update Xibo Dataset using a web page developed in php?

Is there any API which support php?

Please let me know.

Looks like this is impossible. API is not given to users to modify the dataset from other sources like web application GUI.

You must to do it without api.
Get the data directly from database.

Thank you for the reply.

Could you please show me the example?

I am creating the message using a web page interface (developed in PHP) and when I click save it should go and create a message in the Xibo Dataset.

Because, We have one screen to display messages.
Messages pulled from the Xibo Dataset.
But message could be created from many users using our portal site.

So, if a user create a message using the portal site - will it possible to update the Xibo Dataset?

Looking for a help.

If you are a web developer, you should know how to do it.
See Xibo DB.

Here is a tutorial to learn how insert and update data in database.

Thank you - I knew CURD operation using php but may I know how to access the Xibo DB myphpAdmin window?

Install Xibo without using Docker.
If you installed Xibo on Docker, the database runs in a container which is accessible only to the docker container.