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Hi all. I want to create my own news ticker type thing. I want to create a type of “did you know” feed. I have done this so far using text regions and then set a time on each one. But then this doesn’t always work. Some might display once and then other a few times without timing each one each time i add then I am relying on fate. I want to add many headings in fact hopefully up to a hundred at a time.
Doesn’t anyone have any ideas on creating ticker for myself ?
I was thinking of a MySQL database but then not sure how to draw on this so it displays. No issues on feeding the database with info !
Thanks all.

Wouldn’t it be easier to create the rss feed by yourself and then use ticker to show it?

Hi Pete. Yeah exactly what I want. But most I see want to crawl a website and then convert this to the necessary xml/rss which seem alott considering I just want to show some text.
Was hoping there was just a way to create a text file then have this display in order. Maybe I am thinking about this all wrong. ?


You would just need to create for example .xml file with proper rss tags etc, put that on a web server accessible by the players and have the ticker widget pointed to it.

It could be even in the CMS /web/userscripts folder (if you’re on 1.8 series) - for example Can you load PHP files from media library

but in your case that would be .xml file and the path to it would be in ticker widget.

An example of a feed -
If you will not have images there, then you could just have title and description tags

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Kewl ! Thanks Pete !

Will check that out
Thank you


Hi Pete,

A followup question here.
In case of the update is done by en external entity (e.g. CNN). It will be a live update.
That is, at a time the content will change.
Will the ticker listen to it every second for a change in content? Or would it have to have a sync time?

E.g. I get the CNN feed , and publish the ticker. The content is visible.
Now, there is an earthquake. And CNN updates its feed.
How will the ticker know to update itself?
Will it sync right at that time? Or do I need to refresh it every second.


When you set up a Ticker Widget for your RSS feed, you will see in the Edit Ticker settings, under the Advanced tab, an option named Update Interval (mins). This is where you would set how often the Feed will update.

Many Thanks.