Create custom theme with just layout-designer-page.twig view

Hi All,

I created a custom theme with just layout-designer-page.twig view file and config file.

The selected the new theme, but these changes are not reflecting.Any help is appreciated?


I have attached the Guide for creating a Custom Theme for your CMS. I would recommend following this to see if you have missed any steps.

Many Thanks.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for getting back. I had originally followed the document you referred. i checked again - I seem to have missed this part -

$config[‘view_path’] = PROJECT_ROOT . ‘/custom/modern/views/’;

When I add this line to config.php of my custom theme, the page gives an error -


Unexpected Error, please contact support.

Where should I add this code?

Please note that I just want to override just one file - layout-designer-page.twig


Ok. I figured out the issue. The view_path was being formed wrong.

Fixed. Thanks a lot.

I tried adding a bootstrap modal to the new template. But when i open the modal from anchor, the conent in the modal gets replaced by the json content as seen in the screenshot. Could you please help what I need to change?