Could not connect to MySQL with the administrator details

I’m wondering if anyone has this problem.
Could not connect to MySQL with the administrator details. Please check and try again. Error Message = [SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user ‘’@‘localhost’ (using password: NO)]

I’m trying to install the latest version and I cannot get pass the 3rd step. I’ve tested the account via command line, mysql -u username -p database, and able to connect to it. However, when I enter the same information on the web, it keeps on telling me that it cannot connect to the database.

I have an older version running on a different server.

Any suggestions?

That’s credentials error ie wrong/incomplete credentials were given.

Are you certain that you provided correct mysql username and password?

You will need to use a password to connect to the database, without password it might very well show this error.

So, make sure you have username/password for mysql database you wish to use with Xibo and then enter those credentials in Xibo installation wizard.

yes, tested the password via the terminal by doing mysql -u username -p database Was wondering if someone is having the same issue with the fresh install of xibo.