Could not connect to MySQL with the administrator details. Please check and try again. Error Message = [SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)]

Trying to install Xibo 1.8.11 on Windows 8.1, Using custom/manual installation with Xampp server. No x (cross) or ! till here. All OK.

Problems while creating new database. Here is what I have tried till now;

  1. Looked at all possible threads related to this error.
  2. Mysql uses port 3306. Tried localhost:3306/3307 etc.
  3. typing admin password or leaving it blank is of no help. if password is given for admin, error changes to (using password:yes)
  4. Tried to install Xibo 1.7.10 don’t get any such error or problem.
  5. I am a Physics teacher trying to design signage for students.
  6. Don’t know to use docker toolbox.
  7. Dependent on cry and try approach.

That simply means, either you have got mysql server root user password wrong or there is no set password which is preventing you from creating database.

  • Set root password for mysql
  • Or create database and user manually for xibo using phpmyadmin and then directly use db username, db user password and dbname in installation wizard to solve this issue.
  • Or watch this, might solve your problem:
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  1. Thanx for this input. I had seen this video earlier but it was of no help.
  2. Anyway, after lot of struggle, I got rid if this error.
  3. Finally Xibo is working.
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can you please tell me how you fix i have the same problem and nothing work for me.


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