Copy Region to another Layout

Ability to copy a region from one layout to another.

Some regions (e.g. Datasets, tickers etc) can be quite complex to set up correctly with Filters, CSS Styling etc.
To create multiple layouts with the same region content takes a very long time to go back and forth and make sure they match exactly.

The ability to copy a region to another layout help solve this.



Yes i agree. That would be a nice feature and help’s me a lot, too.

Greetings Torsten

Would this be solved by the Playlist functionality, which allows you to reuse all or part of a region timeline between regions on Layouts?

Hi Dan,

Is the playlist functionality your referring to already present in 1.8 RC?

My issue is that I need to change the content slightly on each layout so I can’t just use a playlist with the same content over and over. For example, I would need to change some text and also the flter expression of the dataset it pulls the appropriate data.

I made another feature topic a while ago about display ‘custom fields’ which would also tie into this nicely and reduce the need for duplication of layouts etc.