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This feels like a kinda stupid question, but I’ve been searching for a while without finding the answer: How do I make a copy of a region? I have built a quite complex region that I want to resuse (in the same layout) with only small changes.

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Hi DanielMalmgren, thank you for your message. It is not possible to copy/clone a region, or its contents. My apologies for any inconvenience caused. If you would like this to be added as feature in a future CMS release please use this form to create a feature request.

If you would like to create content that can be reused with multiple layouts or multiple regions, the best way to do that would be to use the Playlists functionality. In the Playlists menu you can create a time line that contains the complex media/widgets you would like to use. Then you can add that playlist of content to as many regions/layouts as you want using the Sub Playlist widget.

If it is quite literally the region itself that you want to copy/clone not the media in that region, unfortunately you would need to recreate the region by using the add button, there is no way to make a copy/clone.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for your answer!

If I understand the Playlists functionality right, it means that the regions that use it will become identital, right? In this case I’d like to reuse it with slight modifications (different header text, different rss url etc).

Hi DanielMalmgren.

You are correct that any regions using the same playlist will therefore be displaying the same content. However you can make copies of playlists, so you could make the original playlist as you want it, then make a copy of it and add your modifications. In a sense the original playlist can be used as a sort of template, allowing you to make copies and modify them instead of having to build the entire playlist from scratch each time you want to make a change. It could be a suitable workaround for not being able to copy the regions in your layouts.

Many Thanks.

Ah, I didn’t know that! That will certainly do as a workaround!

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