Copy and paste a campaign

I have 20 monitors, each in different locations which will all run more/less the same campaign of about 125 layouts, but each monitor needs some special customized elements that are only applicable to each respective location.

Therefore I need 20 individual campaigns, each with just a few modifications from the others. I would like to copy the first campaign 19 more times and insert some customized layouts into each one. Surely I don’t have to rebuild the first campaign of 125 layouts, layout-by-layout 19 more times, do I? Can’t seem find any other way to achieve this. Thanks

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We do not currently have the ability to copy campaigns but can certainly see that could be a useful feature to have for users.

If your playback order is not important you could create a campaign containing the layouts for all locations and schedule that to all displays, then create and schedule ‘site-specific’ layouts for the same time to individual displays.

You could also create site-specific campaigns for each location, containing just the layouts that are different for that location, then schedule both campaigns at the same time. As long as they have the same display order they will play interleaved:
A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3, A4, B4 and so on.

Please do create a request for a ‘copy’ function to be added to Campaigns in our Features category!

Thank you

Thanks. Order is important so we’re gonna try your second suggestion and see how that looks.

I am I correct in assuming that both campaigns will automatically alternate between campaign layouts? If so, is there any way to override this? For instance if we wanted to play A1, A2, then B1 then A3, A4 then B2, etc is that possible?

Thanks again

Xibo does not currently have that functionality for Campaigns. It has however been previously requested in a post in our Features Category: Changing layouts from iteration to iteration

Please feel free to add any additional comments / thoughts you may have on this post, which will be discussed with the development team!

Just to give you an update, Copy functionality for Campaigns has been recorded as a feature: