Changing layouts from iteration to iteration


I couldn’t find a way to show different layouts from iteration to iteration. Have I overseen it or would this be a new feature?

What I mean: Normally all scheduled layouts are shown one after another and then starting from the beginning:
A - B - C - D - A - B - C - D - A - B - C - D…

I would like to keep some layouts fixed (in this example A and C) and show a variety of layouts (like different news) in between:
A - B1 - C - D1 - A - B2 - C - D2 - A - B2 - C - D2 …

Is there already a way to do it? Or wouldn’t it be a great feature? Perhaps you could realize it by improving campaigns with an option that only one layout at a time is shown, when a campaign is scheduled. And in the next iteration of a campaign, the next layout (or one chosen by random) will be shown.


I’m eagerly awaiting the answer to this. We really, REALLY need this functionality for our use case.


Is there any way to achieve this functionality with current features?

The recent release of the v2 CMS brings Playlists and a Sub-Playlist Widget as a new feature which has configuration options to specify a play order for Widgets in playlists.

Would this ‘Play Order’ get the desired outcome if it was applied to Campaigns?