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Xibo 3 R303


We are planning to use xibo on Burger takeaways. Common usage scenario is to display pricing information. Expected Display placement will be like one display group on top of the grill with 2-4 displays depending on size and one group in cashier with 1-2 displays.

What i try to achive is to synchronize content across displays. But in different modes i need different syncronization options.

  • In brand logo mode all displays should show brand logo. Entering and exiting this mode should be synchronized
  • In product picture mode each display should show a random product picture. (preferably within the same list)(picture changes again should be synchronized)
  • In price mode each display should show different picture but not randomly. Order of pictures (both left to right and in time) is important.

I tried to represent my requirements as a spreadsheet. (I hope this helps)

I tried couple hours implementing this with different approaches with no success. Even with single layout with seperate image widgets (same durations) displays are not in synchronization.

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately there is no official way to jam sync the content in the way that you describe. Instead you’d be best off using a Linux or Windows player with multiple displays attached. You can then divide up the layout to span the multiple displays and play the required content in sync.

Sync would be a very nice function to have. It draws emidiate attention to a set of screens. Not necessary near each other. I have liften this earlier but it is not in any priority afaik.
I know Allsee have solved this on their cms. Allthogh it is actually not 100% sync but close enough. Many installations could benefit a simple sync. Just think about an real estate window with dozen of screens, if it does something in sync.

If we ask for it maybe we will see it in future…
I would use it from day one.

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