Content sideways in portrait

Hello, guys!
Can anyone explain why are the videos being presented sideways on a portrait layout?
I’m running android 1.8 R102 and CMS 1.8.2

Other portrait layouts are ok but not this

Also when i introduce 2 areas, some of the lower content, end up in the upper area…:roll_eyes:

Would be good to use current released versions.

I assume the player is set to portrait, the device supports screen rotation and the layout is in portrait resolution as well?

If that’s the case, then perhaps the video itself isn’t in Portrait resolution, which may cause it to not be displayed as you expect.

Hi Peter!
Thanks for your help!
I’ve upgraded to the latest player version. It’s running on Minix U1, with screen rotation software, layout 1080x1920. All is ok there
Actually the area for that content is 1080x1220 and the videos were created with same resolution…
So, i just wonder…

Could you open Status on the Xibo for Android and see what resolution does it report there please?

I’m happy to test that layout locally, if you’d want to send me exported layout (via private message).

Hello again
the status resolution is ok 1080x1920
I’ve unistalled the app, reboot a reinstal. Same issue: some videos are ok other don’t.
I’ll replace all videos now, just for the odds
I’ve laso changed all H265 to H264, just in case. By the way, with windows player, a green line apears around H265 contents…
Sending you the layout is by pressing preview and then copy the link?

I am having the same issue with CMS version 1.8.9 and Android Player Ugoos. Layout has 3 regions in Portrait. First region has videos and images, second has images and third has scrolling text.
Everything runs properly in Portrait until the video starts. Thats when the player shifts to Landscape and stays that way. Removing videos from the layout and rebooting the player fixes the orientation back to portrait.
Any help welcome!

If player has set portrait orientation in the display profile, then it is not really possible for the layout to trigger orientation change no matter the content or even layout resolution for that matter, player should stay in the orientation/resolution set in display profile.

You can export your layout and send it over to me via private message, I’ll have a look then.