Connection problems since update player V3 R301.1


Sorry for my bad englisch…

Players Version

V3 R301.1


Since the update to Version 3 I can no longer connect to the “display admin”.

Player 1 error : Status: The remote name could not be resolved: ' Host Unknown
When the player is started, it shows a default layout that no longer exists.

Player 2 error: is active and ready to start but when I lauch the player: the grey opening screen freezes and restarts every 20 seconds. results when press the ‘i’ button in attackment player2.jpg

Player 3 : is showing the new default layout but the player is restarted regurarly…
when I press ‘i’: result:

When I look in the CMS admin. All 3 displays are visible. Xibo labo, xibo receptie, Xibo prikklok

What could I do to get this working properly.
Thank you,

Hi avlmp,

As you are using a Xibo in the Cloud instance, please open a ticket with the Xibo Signage Help Desk so that a member of the Support Team can assist you.

Many thanks,


Ok I will, :grinning: :grinning:


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