Connect mysql with Heidsql - CMS installed with ubuntu docker

I installed CMS on my vps hosting, using this tutorial (link), how do I access mysql with some mysql visualization software (example HEIDSQL).

Hi and welcome,

That would depend on how your VPS hosting software operates - you didn’t put in the link, but if its one we have recommended then it is unlikely to have a GUI.

My knowledge of ubunto is very little. But the CSM system is working perfectly.
I’m going to buy 100 Android player licenses, I have 20 devices on the street in trial mode (14 days), how do I apply the perpetual licenses on the devices on the street, where I don’t have physical access to the device.

You enter your licence pool email address into the CMS under the Android Display Settings Profile - they will automatically get a licence from your licence pool.

If you’re purchasing commercial products/services, you’re welcome to get support for them on our Help Desk. I mention this because it sometimes takes us a few days to reply on this community forum.

just put the email on license in edit profile on the android player? In the commercial column player license should something appear after inserting the email? I clicked on check license and nothing appeared in the column.

Check Licence relies on XMR functionality being available - if you’ve got that configured correctly you should see a tick appear in the box.

Alternatively you can look in “My Products” on under Android to see if the device is listed against your licence pool.

If you’re having trouble with this i’d encourage you to contact the Help Desk who can confirm for you by looking at your account.


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