Configuration Scheduling

Hello i have one question about configuring a new Schedule.
My TV have a default layout and i want to Schedule all hours for 15 minutes a different layout.
Can you explain me how to create this type of Schedule.

While you could create an event 15min long with repeat every 1 hour.

The ideal situation would be to have
One layout with 15min duration (the region with longest duration to be 15min)
Second layout with 45min duration

Then perhaps create a campaign and add those two layouts to it
Schedule the campaign without repeat with end date further into the future.

Essentially the outcome will be the same, but it will create a lot less (well, one) event than if you’d create the repeat schedule.

Yes my first idea is to create a repeat Schedule
start at 10h00 finish at 10H15 repeat since end of the mount every hours and repeat each 1
but the result is not good
Can you have print screen for implement this type of repaet Schedule?