Conditional display of layout in campaign

Following the birthday topic, this is working fine with th tutorial but I have one additional question:

I would like to display the “birthday” layout ONLY when a birthday is actually happening today and not display it when there is no birthday ?


Thank you for your message. I wondered if you could elaborate on the Birthday topic and layout you are referring to, I’m afraid I’m not sure I know the reference.

If you would like to display a Layout on a particular date only, you could use the Schedule option in your CMS to create an Event to show the Birthday Layout on the dates you know are birthdays. If this is not quite what you are referring to, please pass on more details about how you would like the setup to work.

Many Thanks.

In fact I would like the layout to be displayed on birthday dates only but the birthday dates are in a dataset

So conditional display should be based on the content of a dataset which I think is not possible via events ?

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Thank you for clarifying what you would like to achieve, unfortunately this functionality is not currently available in Xibo.

If this is a feature that you would like to see in Xibo, you are welcome to create a feature request in the Features section of the Forum:

All feature suggestions are considered, there are no guarantees but it’s a great way to let the developers know what you would like to see in future Xibo releases. If the feature is approved, it will be added to the road map for a future development.

Many Thanks.