Compiled dotnet-Client available?


I’m not new to Xibo, i’m using v1.6 branch with the old obsolete Python-Client. Now i decided to give the 1.8.0-rc1 a go and to contribute to the development through feedback and maybe solutions for issues.

But since i’m a web developper, i don’t have any Visual Studio or so what means that i can’t compile a 1.8.0-rc1 player i could run on a machine…

Is there a precompiled player ready to use which i could download? Yes, i did the search but it wasn’t successfull since i’m posting here ;-)… Or maybe someone of you guys would like to send me the client through mail (can be given in private message) or Dropbox-link, …

I know that 1.8 ist still in dev and this wont be used in production… But maybe i could help out in some issues in the xibo-cms since that’s more of my language :smiley:

Thanks for your feedback,

There is a compiled client at the bottom of this github page

Is that what you are looking for?


Thanks @J.Domlin , that’s what i was looking for… So i must have skipped the obvious :confused: