Communication scheme between CMS and players

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We are mounting a Docker Xibo v3.0.3 on a server that is in a private network and the players must connect to the server from the outside, we wanted to know if they can provide us with a network connectivity scheme between the CMS and players, what type of connection they make and who makes the connection at all times.

It is not clear to me the flow of communication between the CMS and the players, I refer to the information in the Xibo documentation.

In case the CMS wants to communicate something outside the programming to the players who establishes this connection.
Is the communication as follows or is there another type of communication?

There is a wiring diagram exactly like in the figure.
In addition, if the “XMR” configuration for the port you specify (usually tcp/9505) communication is provided.
The party initiating the request is also the player.
If there is a network restriction on the player side, you may need to access the addresses on the “Licensing your commercial Xibo Player | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage” page. (except windows)

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You can see in the guide linked below that is states:

If you are running an iptables based firewall on your computer you will need to allow the ports you’ve configured the CMS to run on inbound. If you haven’t specifically configured alternative ports, then the following is required:

* Inbound TCP Port 9505 (for XMR Push Messaging)
* Inbound TCP Port 80 (for HTTP Traffic) AND/OR
* Inbound TCP Port 443 (for HTTPS Traffic - if you are using SSL)

I hope this helps you to understand which ports and services will be used for communication between the players and your CMS. If you would like to use custom port configurations for your Xibo setup, please refer to the above guide for more information.

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