Common Layout with Different Media?

I have 39 displays that use the same layout. The layout has 15 different embedded media features. Originally I made the layout and then copied it out to make a unique layout for each display. I had to update the 15 media features for each display. It works fine.

Now, my CEO wants to change the layout. Having to change 39 layouts is time consuming. But, changing one layout and the copying it 38 times and then updating each layout with 15 new medias is also time consuming. In the future, is there a way to have one layout but have each display use its own media? Or have a master layout that propagates changes to the other layouts?

Thank you!


Unfortunately, modifying multiple layouts can be time consuming. If all of the layouts need to have unique media playlists from each other, you will need to modify those individually.

The Xibo CMS API can also be used to automate updating your layouts. Without knowing your understanding of application development and how often you will need to implement changes to the layouts, this may or may not be a suitable solution. I have included links to the introduction and documentation in case this is a viable solution:

Version 2 of the layout editor is currently in development, and addresses some of the issues you are raising, including fully implemented playlists and sub playlists, as well as the ability to use playlists across multiple layouts. We do not have a set release date at this point, but will update our blog as soon as soon as we do.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for the quick response. I will look into the API.

Using WEB page module can display dynamic content based on station ID . The down side is amendment of CMS source is required.

Since WEB page would download after each duration, the content must be simple.


Almond Wong