Command shell doesn't work with wol.exe

I have created a shell command (shutdown -s -f -m \ to shut down the display, works great!
Why doesn’t work with wol.exe?
I have copied the file (wol.exe) into my system32 directory and can start it with cmd.
For example: wol 148D5CF9858A (MAC-address)
Why doesn’t work in xibo as shell command?

Thx, Marek

Are you wanting the machine where wol.exe is execute to wake another machine? Or do you want it to wake itself?

If the machine you are trying to wake is itself, that will not work because it is already asleep. So it will never get the command, because it is asleep.

If you are trying to send the command to another machine it should work, as long as the device supports WOL and WOL is turned on in the BIOS (if using a PC or what not).

The wol.exe is on the xibo server and I want to wake up another pc. If I run the command itself it works, but over the xibo command shell modul it doesn’t work. :frowning:
Someone an idea, can someone test it?
thank you

The shell command is for running a program that’s on the player, not on the server.

The only way I can think of that could work would be to have one player never sleep, and use a shell command on that player to wake up the other players.

is it possible to run a schedule task on the Pc where the CMS is running? So you can wake up all clients with WoL.

Yes, this is possible through task planning. But I would like to use everything about the xibo interface. The web interface is usable from anywhere, the taskplaner can only be used on the server…