Command OFF / Wake On Lan

Hi everybody ,
I’m from France so i can’t understand all the manual even with the translation .
I’m actually working with Xibo and try to turn ON/OFF my Displays from the server .
In order to turn it On i wanted to use the Wake on LAN option so i enabled it in my display option and put my NUC local ip , and in the BIOS off my NUC.

And to turn it off i created a “Command” ==> off

but when i try to send this to my display in order to test nothing happens.

Can someone help me plz :slight_smile:



If you are using Windows 10 use just ‘shutdown /h’

For me, it works with this : shutdown /s /f /t 0

Also, did you set the XMR public address in Parameter / Displays ?

ill try it again thanks .

What’s does XMR public adress means and what should i put in it ?

On docker installation you should only need to set public xmr address in your CMS settings page displays tab.

It is usually tcp://{CMSIPADDRESS}:{XMRPORT}

so for example if you’re accessing your CMS via IP say and using the default ports in your docker then xmr public address would be tcp://

If you’re using domain to access CMS then that can be set instead of ip there, if you’re using custom ports for XMR then that needs to be adjusted accordingly.

On manual installations on a web server the XMR public and private address need to be set in config.json file and in the CMS settings page displays tab - there is usually no reason to set different address in the players display profile ie in most cases it should remain empty there.
Please see -

Please also see the XTR and environment links in the manual page.