Column of Unused Space When TV Turned Back On


So in the last few months we’ve run into the following problem and I’m looking for a fix other than just scheduling Xibo to close and re-open.

On our Windows 10 digital signage units, they will run fine all day, then the TVs get powered down but the computers stay on at the end of the day. In the morning the TVs will be turned on and now most, though not all, of signage units will look as depicted below with a Notification bar sized section of space either blank or showing the desktop on the right side of the display. Restarting Xibo or the computer fixes this. Since it is suspiciously notification bar sized, I tried disabling that function but it doesn’t seem to have had an effect. Any thoughts on what is causing this and how we can fix it? I’m trying to avoid scheduling them all to kill Xibo every morning.

Thanks for your time.


You may want to take a look here Screen shrinks to the top left of the screen Windows Player
and set these values in the Windows registry.

We also have an issue logged against 1.8.12 milestone for the Windows player, which should help with resizing problems -


Thank you. I’ll look into the registry item, I try to avoid them as much as possible but still, if its what we have to do, and it feels better than a scheduled kill command. So 1.8.12 is the next planned release version right? So this may just be built-in fixed on the next update? (So I know that I should try it without the registry hack and see what happens.) Fingers crossed.


So, with the registry fix in place, scaling is fixed but we still have instances of the two display issues shown below where the image is scaled out to the right size but a chunk is just missing on the right side (most common) and a couple instances where everything seems largely correct but there is a black bar of unused space along the top. As before, closing and re-opening Xibo fixes the issue. Thoughts?