Cms upgrade from 1.7.7 using xampp

we are using xampp for our xibo cms and are looking to upgrade, it might just be me but i cannot file any details on how to upgrade to 1.8.2 while using xampp, it seems like you can only do it with docker which we are not using and would have to learn, and it would be a fresh install by what i know.

is there a way to install xibo 1.8.2 onto the xampp we already have set up, if so am i being blind and the information is there

Yes, you can install 1.8.2 on a webserver, it does not need to be docker (it’s just recommended).

I’d also suggest upgrading to 1.7.9 and then to 1.8.2 as that was the most tested upgrade path.

The non-docker CMS files in .zip archive can be downloaded from here

The instructions are here -
1.8 will require additional changes in the environment - +XMR/XTR.

would you suggest that we move to docker or stay as I don’t know the perks or limits of the docker software

Docker gives you a known-good environment. It’s pre-configured for you, and means that you’re running on exactly the same setup as the software is developed on, and that the test suite is run on.

It’s not suitable for every scenario though.

If you’re running on a Windows computer, and that computer is actually a VM, then it’s often difficult to get it to work there. If it’s a Linux server, virtual or not, then in most cases it’s possible.

There’s a fair amount of work required to get a 1.8 CMS running without Docker. Besides the CMS itself, there’s also XMR and XTR to get working.

Have a read of the guides and make your decision. There is no “right” answer.

i am upgrading my xibo to 1.8.2, but when i try to use the exsiting database it gives me this error,

Could not connect to MySQL with the administrator details. Please check and try again. Error Message = [SQLSTATE[HY000] [1130] Host ‘XIBO-DISPLAY.allsaints.campus.stockton’ is not allowed to connect to this MariaDB server]

i am using a separate machine to do the upgrade, if i understand correctly, this could be the reason why and i need to be local, only asking now as its being used

Which method are you using to do the upgrade?

The error message sounds to me like you’re running the installer and not the upgrade routine? The upgrade won’t ask you for the database credentials as it already has them.

i replaced the xibo installation on my xampp htdocs folder, as the install guild says not to copy over the top

what php do i need to run as i only see the install.php

And you adjusted the webroot for your web server? And replaced the settings.php file back in to the “web” directory from your previous installation?

i placed the cms 1.8.2 in the htdocs folder of the xampp installation and placed the setting php from the 1.7.7 version in the main directory of the 1.8.2, when i run the xibo online as normal it gives me the folder structure and nothing else, so when i looked around for a upgrade.php or install.php

You need to read and understand the instructions Peter linked you to earlier.

Unlike version 1.7, Xibo 1.8 has additional requirements from the web server, so there is additional configuration to do before you can start the upgrade.

Your settings.php file should go in the “web” folder, not in the root, and only the “web” folder should be served by your webserver.

You will need to either adjust the document root for your webserver, or add an alias to handle whatever directory name you normally use for your CMS installation, and have that point to just the web folder of your CMS installation.

have you got a windows example as this all seems to be a Ubuntu or Linux system that is talked about, we used xampp and windows 10

Adding an Alias to the Apache configuration is the same on Windows or Linux. Similarly, changing the webroot is the same.

The apache configuration will be in your xampp directory, and I believe there’s a button on the XAMPP control panel to open those files directly.

i know this seems like me being pesky but is there a video tutorial for this or is it a case of run through the information a lot till i understand it

PM me TeamViewer details and I’ll show you


Alias /Xibo "C:/xampp/xibo/web"

and corresponding <Directory C:/xampp/xibo> block to Apache configuration, and then ran the upgrade.

with the new update are we not able to run a layout over multiple days

from 13/11/2017 til 27/11/2017 for example does it need to be a repeat

also this is happening to the dates under the scheculed tab

Navigate to Setttings -> Regional tab

At a guess you have some odd date format there which is causing issues.

Default setting for that is

d-m-Y H:i

Please try that.

these are the setting unchanged

i have resolved the visual issue but its a 12 hour clock not a 24 which is fine but it does not display AM/PM