CMS stuck on debugging

My CMS is stuck on debugging and it keeps bugging me. The log level is set at:

“Resting Log Level”: Error
“Log Level”: Error
and the “Elevated Log Until” is empty

Despite this I can constantly see API.DEBUG and XMDS.DEBUG types of messages, which bloat the log.txt. I had to empty it, because it got to over 30GB of size.

What should I do to either disable the debugging mode, or to limit the size of the log to something sensible?

Can you also check that your CMS is in “Production Mode”? It sounds like it is in test mode, which enables full debugging regardless of the log level settings.

Server Mode is “Production”.

Sorry are you saying that you also have the same problem as the OP?

I am talking about the same server, as we both work on it.

OK cool, I didn’t realise.

XMDS.DEBUG types of messages

These type of messages can be turned on/off by individual displays using the “auditing until” setting in the advanced tab of the Display edit form. You should be able to see which displays are logging those messages and check their settings.

which bloat the log.txt

Xibo doesn’t log to a file by default - have you added any custom loggers or log middle-wares?

If you have, then you may want to check what minimum log level you have set on those custom loggers. Usually the constructor takes a log level config variable.


I’ve been busy for some time now, but finally managed to get some sense into this issue.

It looks like there is a file in directory shared/web/userscripts/settings.php which contains the following code:

<? $logHandlers = [new \Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler(PROJECT_ROOT . '/log.txt')]; >

From the looks of it, it seams this should have something to do with the endlessly bloating log.txt

How should i go about changing this behaviour?

If you don’t want the log.txt file at all anymore, just delete that line.

If you want it, but only want it to log errors, then you can pass in a higher log level as the second parameter, e.g.:

// 400 means error
$logHandlers = [new \Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler(PROJECT_ROOT . '/log.txt', 400)];


Can confirm that this solution worked for me. Although I had two files in different directories that contained this line and the one on the previous post was not the correct file. However when I changed the line in the other directory it started working.

Thanks a lot for your help Dan!

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