CMS server settings after server reboot

hi, I’m running xibo docker with CMS 1.8.11 on a windows 2016 server.

When I reboot the server the settings go back to default - searching through forums, I tried, **docker-compose stop** and after **docker-compose start** and my layouts and displays came back

No idea why after reboot Xibo_admin was reset to default password with no layouts or displays added…

what am I missing guys?

There is a bug with Docker for Windows that causes your Media, Layouts and Configuration to disappear. The bug does not delete any of these elements, but does require that the container is stopped and started again as you have done. The issue is noted in the Special Considerations at the bottom of our installation guide:

Can you confirm that after you run docker-compose stop followed by docker-compose start that your password returned to your previously set password when the Layouts and Displays returned?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan
Yes running docker-compose stop followed by docker-compose start brings back the password, layouts and the displays. If I don’t do that after restarting the box I get a default setup - I thought it might have been something I did wrong with the template files?

The issue is not caused by yourself, but instead a bug with Docker itself. There is nothing more to be done until Docker resolve this issue.

Many Thanks.

phew, cool thanks Dan…