CMS secred key issue


I have a fresh Windows 10 pc with client ver 200 installed (but tested also with 201) that refuses to join a CMS version 2.02

The error is that the CMS secret key configured on the client doesn’t match the one on CMS server… I have checked 2000 times and the keys matched.

I have also tested the connection to another CMS in our lan and it doesn’t work too, so I’m pretty sure that the issue is on the client, but I cannot understand where.

Any hints ?

Thank you for your message and sorry you are experiencing this issue.

Can you confirm what happens if you try to log into your CMS using a web browser on the Windows 10 PC running your new Player? if you receive any errors or messages, please pass them on.

Many Thanks.

No errors on CMS, I have 2 clients correctly registered in this CMS and I just connected another one.
I have issues only on this new client and honestly I have no clue about the root cause :\

Thank you for your reply, my question was regarding the client you are currently having an issue with. Have you tried opening a web browser on the Win 10 PC running that client and seeing if you can log into your CMSs? I would be interested to know whether it allows you to log in using any browser on that PC.

Many Thanks.

i just connected to the CMS from the problematic client and no issues, I can use the CMS as usual.

I tested other pc, I have the same issues…
On lan we have some pc with this issue, some not.
If I try to register a client from another production site, no issues.

We found a weird workaround… we successfully connected the client to a CMS installed on a plant “B”, we had no issues during this operation, then we removed the client from CMS on plant “B” and test the connection to plant “A”, where both client and CMS are installed.
The registration was ok.
I cannot explain this.

Thank you for your messages and updates on the situation. This is quite unusual, I must admit I’m not sure what would cause the Players to be unable to connect to your CMS but would then be seemingly resolved without making any changes.

I would recommend keeping an eye on those Players in case this is a hint that there may be an intermittent connection issue with your network or the devices running your Players. If you have the means to do so, you may find monitoring the traffic from the device to your CMS will reveal what is causing the registration to fail on some occasions and not others.

I really hope you’re able to locate the source of the issue (or that you do not have to deal with it again), if you have any further updates to the situation in the future that might help fellow Community Users, it would be great if you could keep the thread updated, but there’s no pressure to do that of course.

Many Thanks.