CMS Media Showing as Red X


Every so often, when I’m running a campaign, I notice that some of the layouts are missing. When I look on CMS, I notice that the images on the layout changed to a red X. I reupload/replace the images in the CMS and it works again, but this issue keeps happening and I’m not too sure why…

What CMS version are you using please?

If you’re on manual installation on a web server, do you have fully qualified path to the library in CMS settings?

Yeah, I’m on a manual installation because I wasn’t able too sure about how to use Docker on Windows Home.

The path that I have it for is: _C:\Users\Developer\Documents\Xibo Library_
Do you think this is an issue with manual installations?

Is this CMS library or windows player library?

Or perhaps both are set to use the same path as library?
If they are, then that’s the problem, library must be separate for the CMS and players.

Ooh. It’s currently the same path for both. How would I go about fixing this?

The path you mentioned seems like a default path for windows player library.

CMS library path should be in the same path as the CMS is installed in /library folder.

In any case they absolutely must be separate.