CMS does not update schedule file by calling from API

Hello, I am working with xibo CMS 2.1 API and change default layout of a display. The api works properly and I can see in the cms that the default layout has been changed. However when I start the client again the default layout have not been changed and It seems the the server has cached the previous schedule and the schedule has not been updated based on the cms database.

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Could you please confirm your set up : what type of Player you’re using (windows/linux/else?) and what version the Player is running?

It sounds like the Player is not updating and getting the current the Schedule from CMS. I imagine you have checked that the network connection is fine? and that you waited for the collect interval already?

If that’s the case, please check the Logs in your CMS to see what error might have been reported regarding this Player.
You can access the Player logs by going to CMS> Logs> change the duration at the top if needed as it’s usually set to 120 sec > then go to the advanced tab and filter by Display Name.

Please send us screenshot of the Player log if you’re unsure about the meaning of the error message.