CMS 1.8.2 : no download any more on your sites


I had to download 1.8.2 CMS again, but I do not find any link to get the usual .zip file.

you did a relaunch of your sites and there is only some download for docker and github (which I cannot handle with). in Github I find some zip file called, i dont know it this is a production Version.

Why do you do this ??? I am a Windows user without docker and Need a simple .zip Archive for the akctual cms Version and for the future.

Here you can find simple to download

thank you, Peter

on I click on “Get Xibo” landing on
Find us on Github

Our new development happens in the open on Github and the latest installable code can be downloaded from our release archives.
xibosignage/xibo --> follow this link, I am in github and do not find anything.

your link goes to xibnosignage / xibo-cms while the link on the Homepage goes to xibosignage / xibo

Sorry, but I click what ever in github, I never reach the site you linked.

let me say it again: the link “get xibo” on your Homepage leads to the wrong git !!

The link on the homepage takes you to the correct main repository where all issues are managed.

There are then separate repositories for the CMS and the various Players.

Our preferred method for installation is Docker and so that is where we guide people. I have logged a request a few weeks ago to add a link to the manual install download links from the appropriate section of the manual, so those who wish to install without Docker can do so.

The link from the homepage is not wrong.

In fact, if you go to the Github link on the homepage, and then look on the page that loads, you’ll find: